Tandem Water Softening Systems

Tandem Water Softening Systems

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Tandem water softeners are pivotal in industrial settings for reducing the hardness of water with high mineral content. These systems efficiently eliminate calcium and magnesium ions using a cationic resin housed in a mineral tank, adhering to the straightforward ion exchange process. This method involves the resin beads swapping Ca and Mg ions in the water for Na ions, which remain within the resin.

Feature Highlights:

  • The tank is coated with epoxy-painted carbon steel for robustness.
  • Utilises high-quality Aquline brand cationic resin for effective ion exchange.
  • Designed to withstand a maximum operational pressure of 6 bar.
  • Equipped with pneumatically operated valves, with an option for electric actuation.
  • Piping is made of PVC-U material, with alternatives of galvanised or stainless steel available.
  • Features sampling valves and pressure gauges at both the entry and exit points for easy monitoring.
  • Managed by a PLC-based Siemens logo control panel, with an upgrade option to a touchscreen interface.
  • Requires a 220V/50Hz/1Ph power supply.
  • Salt usage is calculated at 150 grams per litre of resin, with a resin effectiveness of 6000 FR/Litre.
  • The provision of dry instrument air for valve functionality is the client's responsibility, with a suggested air compressor capacity of 100 litres/min at 8 bar.
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