Liquid and Gas Fired Hot Oil Boiler

Liquid and Gas Fired Hot Oil Boiler

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Thermal Oil Heaters are sophisticated closed-system vessels designed for indirect heating, utilising thermal oil as the heat transfer medium. These systems are versatile, accommodating either natural gas or liquid fuel, making them suitable for operations that necessitate high temperatures at low pressure levels.

Their low-pressure operation ensures safety and reduces initial investment costs. These heaters offer a broad temperature regulation spectrum, reaching up to 270℃ at normal atmospheric conditions. The heat exchange surfaces in these units are crafted from spirally wound seamless steel tubes, adhering to DIN 4754 standards for optimal heat transfer efficiency.

To minimise thermal losses, the heater's structure is thoroughly insulated. Additionally, integrating an economiser with the heater's exhaust system can further enhance its overall efficiency, capturing residual heat from the flue gases.

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