About Us

Our company, combining its experience and expertise in the production of Textile Machinery, Dyeing Plants, and Steam Boilers with knowledge and quality, commenced its activities under the name Hisarmak Machine Energy Installation Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. in 2015.

Operating on the principle of advancing design and manufacturing quality in every product, HISARMAK MACHINE continues its services in the fields of heat and energy without interruption.

With the continuous addition of new investments every day, we are pleased to serve our valued customers as a principled and reliable company.

The main scope of our company's activities includes the manufacture and supply of Scotch Type Steam Boilers, Rotary Grate Steam Boilers, Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers, Hot Oil Boilers, Steam Generators, Hot Water Boilers, Chimney and Filter Systems, Water Softening Systems, Energy Plant Manufacturing, Energy Plant Revisions, Special Tanks, Mechanical Installations, and the steel construction works necessary for the assembly of these facilities.

Our company undertakes turnkey projects from the project stage to operation for these works.

The main sectors we serve include energy, textiles, food, machinery, mining, paper, greenhouse, construction, cement, and iron-steel.