Sand Filter

Sand Filter

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The sand filter system is designed to purify water by removing insoluble particles, residual solids, and sediments, enhancing water clarity. These filters not only trap particulates within the water but also safeguard subsequent treatment units from sedimentation, ensuring their optimal performance.

Key Specifications:

  • Constructed with an epoxy-coated carbon steel tank for durability.
  • Operates at a maximum pressure of 6 bar.
  • Features an automatic, timer-regulated backwashing mechanism.
  • Equipped with butterfly valves, which can be operated pneumatically, with an option for an electric actuator.
  • The F-1215 and F-1615 models include an 8-lateral diffuser within the underdrain system, while models F-2015 to F-2815 feature a mushroom diffuser mounted on the base.
  • Utilises PVC-U for internal piping, with an alternative option for galvanised piping.
  • Fitted with sampling valves and pressure gauges at both the inlet and outlet for monitoring.
  • Controlled by a PLC-based Siemens logo panel, with an optional upgrade to a touchscreen interface.
  • Requires a 220V/50Hz /1 Ph electrical connection.
  • The provision of dry instrument air for valve operation is the responsibility of the user, with a recommended compressor capacity of at least 100 Lt/min at 8 bar.
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